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Postage of Eepnana

Where Eepnana gets posted

Posting Access:
All Members
This is Eepnana.
This is a way of life.

The main point of this is... well, there's no real point.

Rules and Regulations:
-No bitching, ranting or being emo, that is what your own livejournal is for
-No bashing
-No correcting of grammatical and spelling errors

*Note: Posts with no apparent reason now allowed.

*If not abided by, it can result in anywhere from personally moderated posts to banning of members.

- If you are somehow connected to the main three members, there is a 95% chance if you just ask you'll be added.
- If not, a concise description of what you think eepnana is will suffice.
Oh, and draw us a picture. We like pictures.